Sustainability Vision

"Clothing Worthy of Wearing”

Our products are crafted by individuals who respect each other and the environment.

Sustainability Framework

Creating a fresh ecosystem where we seamlessly incorporate various business models from a sustainability perspective.

Processes: Digitized, instantly traceable, transparent, and efficient production processes with a primary focus on quality.

Easily traceable, and biodegradable with minimal to no environmental impact.

Employees who are environmentally conscious, content, skilled, competent, and capable of self-management.

TYH 2030 Sustainability Targets

When we determined our vision, we conducted an impact analysis study. We examşned the areas where our company is likely to create impact and defined 9 areas of impact. We identified our 2030 targets for each impact area. Achieving our goals requires measurability.

You can find the details of our goals in our report..

Respectful Corporate Culture

As a signatory to WEPs (the Women’s Empowerment Principles) since 2016, we commit to providing a fair and equitable workplace that respects human rights. We encourage women’s participation in the workforce.
75% of our employees are female. Additionally, 56% of our managers consist of female employees.


Women Health Educations

Women’s health is one of the main concerns when addressing health communication and women´s empowerment. To help spread awareness, we aim to empower our female employees by providing knowledge of self-control systems for breast cancer. We want our employees to become ambassadors for breast cancer awareness.

Sustainable Trainings

We have many training programs; Environmental and awareness trainings, gender equality trainings, occupational health and safety trainings and vocational qualification trainings can be given as examples in order to increase the awareness of our employees on social compliance issues and to fulfill our responsibility towards nature and future generations.

Efficienct & Innovative Processes And Facilities

We have been producing our own electricity with our solar energy system since 2020. We use energy efficient equipment and systems for resource efficiency.We attach importance to the efficient use of our water resources. Therefore, we installed a rainwater harvesting system and gray water purification system. We collect rainwater appropriately, filter it and store it. We filter and store the water we use in sinks with our gray water treatment system. We use the water we store in reservoirs.

For more information please contact us at sustainability@tyh.com.tr.
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