We take responsibility for our stakeholders and the environment; therefore, we implement waste management policies in TYH Tekstil factories that aim to minimize the environmental impact. Another important element in our pursuit to improve sustainability is that we care about diversity in our workplace and a strong corporate social responsibility. Being one of the signatories for U.N. Women Empowerment Principles we are supporting women’s empowerment and education. Further all TYH production facilities are audited and certified by international organizations regarding Social Adaptation and Conformity, Codes of Conduct, Codes of Ethics, health and safety.

Diversity and Inclusion at work

'Universality' is one of the most important assets of TYH Tekstil, therefore we care about inclusion at work and provide job opportunities for everyone.

"I have an Idea"

We created a platform where our employees can participate in improving  work spaces, materials and methods. Every employee can contribute to the improvement of the processes through the digital platform 'I have an Idea'.  All ideas are evaluated by a committee, where the best projects are awarded. 

Women’s Empowerment Projects

72% of our employees are women and we are one of the official signers of the U.N. Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. 


Schooling at Work

We believe that progress cannot be achieved by only caring about oneself, but also caring about the society that we live in. With this in mind; to help provide a future for women, we are conducting a social responsibility project with the state’s technical textile high schools. Within this project, we are providing sponsorships and contributions to extracurricular activities for girls who are continuing their high school education in textile. Furthermore, we have built a classroom inside one of our factories to provide applied education. By participating in this project, high school students are offered apossibility to experience the workplace, by applying their curriculum received from their teachers.

Women Health Educations

Women’s health is one of the main concerns when addressing health communication and women´s empowerment. To help spread awareness, we aim to empower our female employees by providing knowledge of self-control systems for breast cancer. We want our employees to become ambassadors for breast cancer awareness.

Sustainable Environmental Educations

We believe that the awareness level of a companies’ employee is evidence of its approach to environmental issues. Therefore, we nurture a culture of respect to the environment and to our stakeholders. Avoiding redundant use of resources and recycling is our primary focus point that we address during our periodical environmental awareness seminars.

Occupational Health
and Safety Training

Through periodical Health and Safety Trainings, we are providing the knowledge to prevent risk factors and to create an awareness about occupational health via seminars.


At TYH Tekstil, we care deeply about our carbon footprint. We also go to great lengths keeping our energy consumption and waste as low as possible. With a sustainable mindset, we have implemented waste management systems in our production facilities and offices. Our intent is to provide a better world for coming generations. We also train and educate our employees to increase their environmental awareness. 

Fabric Recycling Projects

Fabric From Recycled Plastics And 
Fabric Waste

In today’s world where natural resources are disappearing, we believe everyone should be committed to maintain a sustainable environment. With a sustainable mindset as our priority, we offer garments which are manufactured from fabrics made by recycled plastic bottles and fabric waste. As a result, we have reduced the amount of water used in our production process which allowed us to preserve clean water sources.  Our ability to recycle and reuse also reduces the need for cotton production which further reduces the need for chemical fertilizers which have a negative impact on the ecosystem.

Rainwater Harvesting System

We are aware that our natural resources will disappear if we do not use them wisely. In our new facilities we have implemented rain water harvesting systems. Doing so, we have reduced our water consumption to further preserve natural resources.

Waste Management

Our key priority is preserving the environment to create a better world for coming generations. Waste management systems are built into our production facilities and offices further reducing our carbon footprint.

Energy Preservation

In order to reduce energy consumption, we have integrated energy efficientsystems and technology, further enabling our energy saving efforts. 
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