TYH's experienced teams,

specialize in producing high-end fashion wear, collection-based brands, active and corporate wear. Our main focus on a sustainable production with premium quality materials.

Who We Are

We are one of the largest garment producers in Turkey with more than 4000 employees, a production capacity of over 20million pieces. TYH Tekstil was established in 2000 and has produced the finest quality products since. We have a total of 8 production facilities with factories located in Marmara, Aegean Region, Black Sea. We also have two headoffices; one in Izmir and the other in Istanbul. Furthermore, regional offices are in U.S.A. and England.

Beyond The

We take responsibility for our stakeholders and the environment; therefore, we implement waste management policies in TYH Tekstil factories that aim to minimize the environmental impact. Another important element in our pursuit to improve sustainability is that we care about diversity in our workplace and a strong corporate social responsibility. Being one of the signatories for U.N. Women Empowerment Principles we are supporting women’s empowerment and education. Further, all TYH production facilities are audited and certified by international organizations regarding Social Adaptation and Conformity, Codes of Conduct, Codes of Ethics, health and safety.


We produce prime quality products for
internationaly recognised brands.

TYH Team

At TYH Tekstil, our first priority in our HR and communication vision is to establish a strong corporate citizenship. 
That`s why we emphasize and aim at a high level of employee commitment.

Our Brands


The high-quality fabrics, printing, embroidery, applications and sewing techniques used in Roqa collections reflects the premium quality of our brand. We follow the latest trends and innovations, resulting in the right products at the right time. 

NVC Athletica

NVC Athletica, as our brand, is specialised in activewear production. Our brand offer flexible and ultimate comfort for women with its high quality produced fabrics and innovative design for sportswear.


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