We follow the latest trends and innovations, resulting in the right products at the right time. Our Design and R&D teams meet the highest demands of the brands that we partner with.


Fast Fashion

Following the fashion trends and innovations, our teams present our clients the right products at the right time.

Collection Based Brand

Our designers take the inspiration boards and information given by the customer, developing this information into designs. We also have specific teams for collection development and production providing a great convenience for our customers.


We design and produce luxury sportswear and ath-leisure collections. Our activewear products stand for contemporary styles and high-quality craftsmanship which offer ultimate flexibility.


·Color Continuity
·Colour Fastness
·Washing Fastness
·Low-Pilling Values
are provided by using correct materials o offer industrial washable products.


Since 2000, we have a strong design team working with known/recognized worldwide brands. We follow the latest developments in the world through our offices located in Istanbul, Thetfortd and New York.Working with a global customer base enables us to be at the forefront of trend awareness and product intelligence. We attend all the major fashion, fabric and technological fairs and undertake seasonal shopping and research trips to anticipate our customers’ needs. Doing so, results in innovative product development.

Research &

TYH R&D centers are approved research and development centers by the Ministry of Industry and Technology which aims to develop value added products and processes by investing the source of human and knowledge. TYH R&D centers operates research and development projects in TYH İstanbul and İzmir campus. The main goal of TYH R&D is to be a good example for the sector during transition from labor intensive production to knowledge intensive production with the help of technology and innovation focused projects. TYH R&D centers aim to develop innovative products and production models by combining today’s and tomorrow’s textile technologies with customers’ expectation and current trends. TYH R&D team always closely follows the developments in the world of textile and offers innovative projects to its customers in collaboration/partnership with leading universities of Turkey.


We produce durable corporate garments to support corporate image as well as employee’s comfort.
Our activewear collection has innovative styles with high-quality craftsmanship.
Our team design contemporary and high-quality sportswear products.
Following fashion trends and innovations, our team develop the right products at the right time.
We produce and design high quality polo shirts for fashion brands and corporations.
Elegance and comfort are our priority for home wear collection.


Quality Control
Our products pass through defined control points, where they are subjected to various quality control tests.
We follow and
implement the latest
global innovations in
raw materials and
fabrics, and analyses on
this field.
Quick Response and OTD
Quick response
is a given in our
business where
time is tight.
Since we are aware of the importance of sustainability, we develop sustainable practices.
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